Boosting Your Resilience
Boosting Your Resilience
Life can (and will) throw us curveballs. No matter how much we plan, things don’t always go as expected. That’s certainly true in business. We all face adversity…problems we didn’t anticipate…issues that force us to shift our direction.

For some people, those inevitable curveballs lead to major stress and meltdowns. But others have mastered the art of resilience and flexibility. They know how to come up with a Plan B. They bounce back quickly and still emphasize the positive. These are the people who rise through the ranks of an organization to become great leaders.

So…if you’re working to accelerate your career…how is your level of resilience?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you…
  • Readily adapt to new and changing circumstances?
  • Remain calm and poised under pressure?
  • Place challenging events or setbacks in the broader context of things?
If you discovered some opportunities to improve your resilience, here are three ways to get started.
  1. Practice remaining calm in tense situations by pausing to create space so that your rational state can catch up to your emotional state.
  2. Pay attention to how long it takes you to recover from setbacks. How long do you ruminate over a problem or incident? Get intentional about reducing the time it takes you to recover or shift from rumination to action.
  3. Strive to set a good example of flexibility for your colleagues and co-workers. Be the person in the room who is able to put things in perspective and forge ahead with plans despite setbacks and obstacles.
The most successful people almost always exhibit resilience in dealing with life’s curveballs. By working to become more resilient, you’ll position yourself as a smart leader who is ready to handle whatever comes your way.